"Printing is like​ making stuff with your hands, but the printer makes it for you" ​

-Sasha Bearman-Drummond

"3D printers don't create things, we do"

-Reid Johnson

Anyone can do great things; one print at a time

-Eric Kozlowski-Mcleod

COMING SOON: Shoe shield coming in march 2018 


In this iteration we hot-glued two 3d-printed plates to the sole of a cosmos shoe cover, which we put on over my shoe. It was a little hard to put on though, which could possibly be a problem in the future. The traction is also questionable on pavement, because i cannot run on a sidewalk.

but , I could stand on one foot on the pavement and I felt like I could run on rugged terrain, which gives this iteration the potential to be a hiking boot, it also kept my shoe dry and for that reason it can be used for fancy shoes but not high heels, they are also comfortable to wear without shoes as we had a volunteer put our shoe shield on. The problem is that the 3d printed soles do not fit on onto the shoe cover.

And some things to improve


Easier to put on

Make the soles FIT

Eureka! Palouse 3D printers

"Dream big. Print big." -Ian Schlater

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November 17th


At first, we just came with a bunch of ideas on ways that we could help or change some sort of transportation problems in Moscow. Then we drew pictures of our ideas and then voted on the ones we wanted. And then we went on Tinkercad and started designing. Sasha created our first prototype, which was small but it looked good.

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January 5th

Our first design started as a piece of cardboard taped to Sasha's shoe. After that, we took  to tinkercad and made a prototype that looked like a left shoe sole that had waves on the outside but was smooth on the inside and had no traction on the bottom of the shoe shield and had no strap on the top. Here are the things we could improve in the second iteration:



Better shoe compatibility