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The MakerSpace is membership based:

Tinkerpasses will be honored
$5/hr of machine use, 10hrs/mo included in membership

Basic materials included in membership.  This includes 3D printer filament, cardboard, etc.
Special materials such as Glowforge Proofgrade wood, Cricut vinyl, are extra.
Bringing your own materials is encouraged.
Membership provides access to the MakerSpace (and restrooms) only.
Membership entitles up to 2 named family members 14yrs and older, access to the MakerSpace.

We are volunteer operated, so access and availability may vary.  Members can access the facility any time it is open, although MakerSpace knowledgeable volunteers are onsite during Technology Nights and other limited hours.  Facility hours vary seasonally.
As a member, please do your part to keep the space and equipment in good working order.  Our volunteers do their best to maintain and repair the equipment, but cannot guarantee availability of any specific equipment.
Take advantage of this introductory pricing!  Yearly memberships purchased at this price will be honored if prices change!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Eureka! Palouse Maker Space is always looking for volunteers!

  • 3D Printing! If you’d like to learn to operate a 3D printer, we’re looking for people to print spare replacement printer parts and demonstration models for our activities.  If you’ve never operated a 3d printer before, we can teach you!
  • Physical Computing! We’re looking for people interested in electronics and computing to help us assemble kit based projects as demonstration units.  No experience necessary, these are pre-made kits with instructions. Like obstacle courses? Create obstacle courses for Sphero robots to navigate! Create the courses that kids will have to program their Sphero robots to complete within the time limit!
  • Workshops!  We host workshops!  If you’ve got a topic you’d like others to know about, let us know.  You can host your workshop at Eureka! Palouse using our supplies, equipment, and facilities!  We can also work with you to make your workshop a success.

Creation Policies

You can bring in your own materials, or use ours.  Eureka! Palouse provided consumables, such as cardboard, solder, etc. are included with access to the facilities.  Non-consumable equipment such as Arduinos, LCDs, shields, etc. must remain at Eureka! Palouse.

Space will be made available for in-development projects to be left at Eureka! Palouse until they're finished.  Projects not collected after 2 weeks will be reclaimed for parts.

Creation of weapons, dangerous items, or illegal activities are not allowed.

Computing Resources

In order to use most of the equipment, a computer with the appropriate software is required.  We have several Raspberry Pi stations setup as well as a handful of Macbooks Pro that can be used.  You're welcome to bring your own laptop as well.  You may need to install additional software yourself.

Equipment Rentals

We can also rent equipment such as the Arduinos, Sparkfun Inventors Kits, and Raspberry Pis.  Larger equipment available for special events.  Contact for more information.

​​​Maker Space a​t Eureka! Palouse

In addition to the Tinker Studio, which has tools and materials such as plywood, PVC tubing, cardboard, and more, Eureka! Palouse has a Maker Space with facilities and equipment geared toward young adult and adult audiences.

Come in during our normal hours and use the facilities and equipment.  If you need assistance, or just want to show off your current project, stop by our Technology Nights every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7pm.  If you can't make these times, message us on Facebook and we can probably work out a time.  Our volunteers are frequently available off hours as well.

We also periodically offer classes about the equipment that explains not only how to use the equipment, but how the equipment works.

Equipment List: