​Sabertooth 3D PUzzle

The Sabertooth 3d Puzzle is a laser cut variant of this 3D printed model by Alsamen.  FreeCAD was used to extract a 2D version from a layer of the model, converted to an SVG vector graphic by Inkscape and then laser cut from cardboard with a Glowforge.

Here is what all the pieces look like before assembly:

The pieces are arranged in approximately how they should be assembled.

The wishbone shapes are the ribs, the largest should be towards the head, getting progressively smaller towards the back legs.

If you'd like a Sabertooth 3D Puzzle, stop by the MakerSpace.  We have unassembled kits available.

You can also create your own!  The model is available here on Thingiverse!

Equipment List:

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