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3D Printing basics:

The Eureka! Palouse 3D printers use Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) to print.  This means they feed plastic filament through a heated extruder, and onto a build platform.  The extruder moves in the Z (up and down) and X (side to side) axes, and the build platform its self moves in the Y axis.  To help the filament set and cool evenly, the build platform (or print bed) is also heated.

Safety items to remember:

The extruder can reach temperatures of up to 250C (480F), so be sure to keep clear of the extruder when it is on, and ensure it is off when you are done.

The build platform can also reach temperatures of over 100C (212F).  Do not touch the build platform with bare skin.

The build platform moves!  Keep items away from the printer while it is in use.  Not only can it interfere with the print, but because the build platform is hot, it can also burn and be a fire hazard.

Do not leave the printer unattended.


  1. Obtain your model.  This is an STL file you either created or downloaded from a site like Thingiverse
  2. Launch Cura.  The icon looks like this:
  3. Open your STL file in Cura.
  4. Select the filament you're using.  This will set the correct extruder and build platform temperature.
  5. Select whether you want supports, infill percentage, etc.
  6. Click Print with Octoprint button.

Additional documentation for Cura can be found here:

Using the Lulzbot taz 5 3d Printer

Available Filaments: